Educational Videos

Visit our YOU TUBE CHANNEL for all the latest activities, lessons and stories from your teachers!

We have compiled a comprehensive list of videos, recommended for home learning – the content below has been organised by subject.

Videos are linked from You Tube and other streaming sites, you may need to set up an account and sign in to view some of the content.


BBC TEACH – this website has resources for all ages.  Content is divided into Key Stages, and there are interactive videos covering all areas of the curriculum!


P.E WITH JO WICKES – daily P.E lessons live!

COSMIC YOGA – yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids

CREATIVE STEPS – dance resources for all ages linked to the National Curriculum

GONOODLE – dances, stretches, running, jumping and deep breathing exercises

BBC SUPER MOVERS – get moving while you learn

CR22 CRICKET – daily cricket coaching


THE ALPHABLOCKS – learn about phonics and develop your reading skills

KIDSTV123 – large playlist of phonics videos

FAIRY TALES & STORIES FOR KIDS – animated stories to enjoy

BBC TEACH – learn about punctuation, ideas for writing, stories and songs

CBEEBIES – Bedtime Stories

MR T’S PHONICS – phonics pronunciation guide and videos with Geraldine the Giraffe

MICHAEL ROSEN – exciting and engaging stories and poetry, from the popular author!

DAVID WALLIAMS – storytelling every day at 11am

JANE CONSIDINE SUPER SENTENCE STACKING – live English classes for all ages


THE NUMBERBLOCKS –  learn about numbers, addition and subtraction

THE NUMBERJACKS – superhero numbers who cover problem solving and maths

THE SINGING WALRUS – songs to teach children about numbers and counting

HOPSCOTCH – songs to help your children with counting

MR DEMAIO – helps your children learn their multiplication tables

LAUGH ALONG AND LEARN – times tables songs to sing!

HAPPY LEARNING – times tables songs, videos about shapes and measurements

MATH & LEARNING VIDEOS FOR KIDS – wide range of different maths topics

BBC TEACH – explores how maths is used in different areas of life and work


HAPPY LEARNING – large collection of videos about humans, animals and plants

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS – learn about amazing animals

HOPSCOTCH – songs about habitats, the continents, oceans and planets

OPERATION OUCH –  educational videos about the human body

SCI SHOW KIDS –  a wide range of videos that answer different questions about the world

LET’S GO LIVE WITH GREG & MADDIE – Science & Nature live lessons at 11am everyday


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS – learn about the world

BBC TEACH – a playlist that can help you learn about different geographical concepts

KIDS LEARNING TUBE – learn about countries around the world



CLARENDON LEARNING – various history videos for kids

HAPPY LEARNING – animated history videos


ART FOR KIDS HUB has an enormous range of art & craft ideas

5-MINUTE CRAFTS PLAY – shares craft ideas, experiments and tricks to try

MR MAKER – the popular CBeebies arts & crafts show his his own You Tube channel

EASY KIDS CRAFT –  simple and enjoyable craft activities

LUNCH DOODLES WITH MO WILLEMS – draw along with the famous illustrator


RELAX DAILY – calming music to play and work to

KIDZ BOP –  child-friendly versions of popular songs, sing & dance along!

CLASSICAL KIDS STORYTIME – children’s stories accompanied by classical music

FREE SCHOOL – has playlists to teach your children about Beethoven and Mozart

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