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Upcoming Events: Year 2 Mosque Visit Wednesday 23rd November; Reception Theatre Trip Thursday 24th November; Parent Governor Election closes on Thursday 24th November
Upcoming Events: Year 2 Mosque Visit Wednesday 23rd November; Reception Theatre Trip Thursday 24th November; Parent Governor Election closes on Thursday 24th November
21st November 2022
HRH Queen Elizabeth ll
13th September 2022

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II. Her service and devotion were inspirational. Rest in peace.

PTA Egg Decorating Competition
1st April 2022

It’s that time of year again – get ready for the PTA Egg Decorating Competition!

Click here for more information and find out how to enter.

A Tasty Tree
14th January 2022

We have found a great way to recycle the Christmas tree! The goats have really been enjoying the pine needles, which provide trace nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. Chowing down on this tasty tree brightens up the bleak winter days and makes a change from the usual hay!

Our Edible Garden
8th July 2021

Last year, we received a £500 grant from Moseley in Bloom to create an ‘Edible Garden’ on the KS2 playground.  Children from all year groups took part in growing plants from seed in their classrooms.

Pupils from Years 3 and 4 were then responsible for transporting soil and compost by wheelbarrow from the front of school to the planters on the playground at the back of school.  They lined the planters with gravel, filled with soil and compost and then helped with planting.

We have planted potatoes, courgettes, peas, broccoli, strawberries, herbs and flowers!  The Year 4 children even made a video to share with the other pupils at school!  Next week, we will be hosting tasting sessions on the playground to start trying some of the delicious produce!

Goat Naming Competition
25th June 2021

Well done to everyone who entered the goat naming competition.  Mr Hughes and Ms Chapman enjoyed reading the suggestions for goats’ names.  Following a class vote, the names chosen are ‘Dumbledore’ for the larger goat (right), and ‘Wizardy Wizard’ for the smaller one (left).

Meet the Animals
21st May 2021

Thank you to all our families who braved the wind and rain to support our PTA Meet the Animals Event.  At least the ducks enjoyed the weather!

PTA Summer of Fun
14th May 2021

Find out more about our PTA ‘Summer of Fun’ activities by clicking the link below!

Tell me more …

England does the Daily Mile
30th April 2021

Today, ‘The Daily Mile’ hosted their first national event in schools, to encourage children to get active and get talking about their mental health.   Children from across the school were taken outside and encouraged to move non-stop for 15 minutes! A few classes missed out on the opportunity due to the weather, but they are going to take part next week!

Children from Years 2 and Key Stage 2 were given a timetabled slot to complete their Daily Mile Following a trail of blue spots marked around the perimeter of the KS2 playground. The children had to run 12 laps to complete their mile. We were so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm with which the children approached this task – well done everyone!!

Easter Egg Decorating Competition
23rd April 2021

We received some cracking entries to our Easter Egg Decorating Competition – well done everyone!

Our winners were:
Inaaya (Reception), Zayyan (Oak), Anaiyah (3B) and Teodora (6B)

See our latest Newsletter to view the rest of the entries – click here.


Crazy Hair … Don’t Care!
19th March 2021

We really enjoyed celebrating Red Nose Day today, and raised lots of money for this fantastic cause – thank you to everyone who donated! The children really got into the spirit with their crazy hair and red outfits, and classes took part in fun games and quizzes throughout the day!

World Book Day
5th March 2021

On Thursday 4th March we celebrated World Book Day, with activities based around the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. A big thank you to Miss Pate for all of her hard work in organising the wacky and wonderful tasks!

We loved seeing all of your outrageous outfits, sharing your favourite stories and seeing your clever crafts and creations! What a wonderful reminder of how brilliant books can be!

Nursery Spaces Available
26th February 2021

Nursery spaces are now available for September 2021.

Please email [email protected] for more information.

Meet the Pups
22nd January 2021

Learn more about our guinea pigs and meet the new additions with Mr Hughes!

Outdoor Learning
11th December 2020

Many thanks to the volunteers from Highbury Orchard who are working with year 6 at Highbury Park. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning!


Meet the Sheep
4th December 2020

Introducing ‘Marshmallow’ (pictured, front) and ‘Shawn the Sheep’ (pictured, back). 

We received some fantastic entries to the sheep naming competition! The children have voted, and the names chosen for our sheep are Marshmallow for the female and Shawn for the male.  Well done to everyone who entered! 

Help Our Children Read About Race
27th November 2020

We are very privileged to have been chosen to take part in a pilot scheme by organisation ‘Reading for Change’ – we are one of only 70 schools nationwide to receive a bundle of books to help our children read about race.

Of the 9,115 children’s books published last year, only 1% had a lead character from a minority ethnic group. The aim of this scheme is to ensure that every child is represented in their school library and is given the opportunity to learn about different cultures!

A special thank you to Steven (Dad to Noah in Y3) for helping us to secure this beautiful bundle of books!

Covid Symptom Checker
10th November 2020

If you are in any doubt as to your child’s symptoms, and whether or not they should come to school, please click the link below and follow the simple flow chart.

Covid Symptoms at Home Flow Chart


PTA Pumpkin Carving Competition
6th November 2020

We received some fantastic entries to the PTA Pumpkin Carving Competition!  Well done to everyone who entered – prizes will be awarded today.

View our Perfect Pumpkins here!

Introducing our Pygmy Goats
9th October 2020

Last week, we introduced you to the new kids – our pair of male pygmy goats.  We are pleased to report that the goats are settling in well to their new environment, and have been bonding with Mr Hughes and site manager Mr Tanner.

This week, many of the children have had the opportunity to meet the goats!  Mr Hughes held dedicated sessions for each class, where he shared lots of interesting information about the goats and how to care for them. The brown one is still rather nervous so we discussed how important it is to use quiet voices around him.

Mr Hughes also launched the ‘naming competition’, in which all children will take part!  Watch this space …

Meet the Animals
2nd October 2020

A few weeks ago, we showed you a photo of our new animal enclosure and asked you to guess what the animals would be!  There has been a huge sense of anticipation around school over the last couple of weeks, and we are so pleased to finally introduce The New Kids on the Block!  Our 2 male pygmy goats arrived yesterday (many of the children heard them arrive as they made a very noisy entrance), and promptly made themselves at home. 

We also welcomed 2 ducks, who have moved into the chicken coop and are busy exploring their new home and getting to know their fellow feathered friends!  We look forward to introducing the children to our new animals over the coming weeks.


Fun at Forest School
25th September 2020

Year 3 had lots of fun at Forest School this week!  They celebrated the beginning of autumn by collecting autumn leaves and making ‘fireballs’ together. They threaded the fiery yellow and green leaves onto dogwood stems and put them all together using a large ball of clay and a raffia hanger.

Back to the Stone Age
11th September 2020

To celebrate the Brilliant Beginning of their topic, year 3 children went back in time on Tuesday to experience a day in the Stone Age.  The children made such a fantastic effort to dress up and really looked the part!

They took part in lots of interesting activities during the day, including designing their own cave paintings using chalk and charcoal.  They learnt about the food that Stone Age people ate, and made a ‘Disgusting Menu’.  They also did lots of research about the weapons they used for hunting.

KS1 Playground Makeover
4th September 2020

Using funds raised by the PTA, we have enhanced our KS1 and EYFS outdoor play areas. Staff have been busy painting the Year 1 Outdoor Area and we have had new playground markings added!

New Arrivals
4th September 2020

We are expecting new animals this term and some equipment has just arrived for them… can you guess what animals they might be?

Well done to everyone who took part in our Easter Egg Decorating Competition!!
23rd April 2020

>Click here to visit the gallery and view all the ‘Eggcellent’ entries!<

The winners are:

Inaya – Nursery
Lyla – Reception
Aria – Year 1
Jesse – Year 2
Tiana – Year 3
Anna – Year 4
Wisam – Year 5
Ayesha – Year 6

Well done everyone!

KS1 Sensory Garden
5th July 2019

Our Key Stage 1 Sensory Garden continues to be developed and will be completed by September 2019.  The children in forest school lessons have helped to fill planters and build a lovely ribbon shelter. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers from the school community who have supported the project so far!

KS1 trip to Weston-Super-Mare
26th June 2019

The children in Year 1 and Year 2 had a brilliant day at Weston-Super-Mare on Monday! We rode donkeys, played in the soft golden sand and ate delicious chips and ice-cream. The children were great ambassadors for the school and all took part in their 11 B4 11 activity of riding a large animal.

Year 2 learning about the British seaside
20th June 2019

Year 2 have been learning about the British seaside and what they might see, smell, feel and hear there. They have worked in teams to find as many describing words as they can in preparation for writing their very own seaside poems!

Oak class celebrating their attendance
23rd May 2019

Oak Class celebrated completing their first Attendance star chart with a special dancing visitor. We are aiming for everyone to be in class so that we can achieve 100% attendance every day!

Year 2 obstacle course planning
23rd May 2019

Year 2 classes had lots of fun today planning our very own obstacle course as an introduction to our new instructional writing unit! We had to think about all the different vocabulary we would need to use so that the person using the course knew exactly what to do and what to be careful of to stay safe.

Year 6 celebrations
16th May 2019

Year 6 parents thank you for all the contributions today, the week has gone really well and everyone should be very proud of their children.

KS2 Celebration assembly
10th May 2019

A huge well done to Ibrahim Syed 6B for winning the scooter for having 100% attendance during the Spring term! 

Congratulations to Login Farhat 3B and Chloe Renshaw-Assiene 4B, our runners up who won a £5 gift voucher!

To ensure that you have a chance of winning a scooter this term, come to school everyday so your name is added into the prize draw. 

4B Drumming Performance
12th April 2019

Thank you to all parents who came to watch 4B’s drumming performance. They were fantastic!

KS1 Multiskills at Billesley Tennis Centre
12th April 2019

Year 1 and Year 2 really enjoyed the Multi-Skills Event at Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre this week. We balanced along beams, aimed with balls, ran relay races, balanced tennis balls and weaved through cones. By the end, we were exhausted but had had a great time!

KS1 trip to Aston Hall
4th April 2019

Oak, Willow and Elder classes travelled back in time at Aston Hall. We had an amazing trip during which we dressed up, worked together to hold a fire hook and wrote with real quills! The children were great ambassadors for the school and really enjoyed the experiences throughout the day.

Year 2 reading comprehension lessons
29th March 2019

Year 2 have been working in groups this week during Reading Comprehension lessons. They have been investigating a range of texts and deciding whether they are narrative fiction, non-fiction or plays. They had to prove what type it text it was by finding the correct features and styles. Fantastic team work!

Year 2 making healthy smoothies
19th March 2019

On Tuesday afternoon, Oak and Willow classes continued their Healthy Lifestyle Activities. We made and tasted delicious “mouth-watering” fruit smoothies. We also joined Miss Smith-Boora in a range of physical activities that were “tiring but fun”! Thank you to all the parents who contributed ingredients for our smoothies.

Year 2 creating treasure maps
15th March 2019

Oak and Willow class have been learning about grid references and how to use them to find and locate geographical features on maps. We really enjoyed using a huge grid and also creating our very own treasure maps!

Healthy Lifestyle Event in KS1
6th March 2019

Healthy Lifestyle Event in KS1: Oak, Elder and Willow classes took part in some fun activities to raise awareness of how to stay healthy and happy! They played games such as ‘Pass the Fruit’, talked about what makes them feel happy and relaxed, found out the importance of washing their hands properly, discovered how many hours sleep they should have each night and learnt about all of the important organs that they have inside their bodies. Many thanks to parent and nurse Jackie Logan who volunteered to come in and work with the children on this really important project!

Year 2 problem solving
28th February 2019

Problem solving in Year 2 by discussing, debating and thinking deeply together!

Brownies and scouts
28th February 2019

Rachel Fasham and Mrs Styles introduced us all to the fun world of Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Rainbows and Guides during our phase assemblies this week. We discovered all of the amazing opportunities they provide for children are members… camping, cooking, experiments, arts, crafts, and many more!

Year 2 creating wish cards
8th February 2019

In RE this week, Oak and Willow classes have been talking to partners about the saddest and happiest events of their life so far…trips to Legoland, eating birthday cake, celebrating festivals, a relative or pet dying, moving far away from family. Then they thought of ways that they could help a younger member of their family or community to grow up to be adventurous, happy, intelligent, kind, helpful etc.  Finally they created ‘Wish Cards’ to express their ideas.

Year 5 enjoying the Terrible Tudors
8th February 2019

Last week, Year 5 enjoyed their Brilliant Beginning for our topic, The Terrible Tudors. We drew our parents in the style of a Tudor portrait and they also drew us. We were really impressed by everyone’s portraits! We took inspiration from the Tudor portraits we had analysed in class. Well done everyone!

Willow and Oak class learning different types of text: rhyming, non-fiction and narratives
25th January 2019

In Oak and Willow classes we have been learning about different types of text: rhyming, non-fiction and narratives. This week some of the children started identifying the features of play scripts and even acted some out with their friends!

Year 6 Residential
24th January 2019

Just had lunch and hot chocolate. Lots of children being brave and conquering fears. Ready for more activities and a movie night

KS1 being Historians
17th January 2019

We have been historians learning about chronology in Key Stage 1. We learnt how to sequence dates and important events and then used this knowledge to create our own human timeline! We discussed which events were important and why, and discovered how different life was in 1666 when the Great Fire of London happened.

KS1 Build and Burn Workshop
17th January 2019

Lots of family members came into school to join in with the Key Stage 1 ‘Brilliant Beginning’ for our new topic The Great Fire of London. We used wood and straw to replicate the building materials used in 1666 and then set the houses up in two different ways – close together and spaced apart – before burning them! This experiment helped us to find out which layout made the fire spread more quickly.  

KS1 Antarctica Topic
7th January 2019

Key Stage 1 celebrated the end of their topic about Antarctica by holding a creative morning! The children created Antarctica landscape collages and paintings using a range of materials and techniques, eg. scrunching, tearing, thick and thin brush strokes, colour mixing to create different shades of blue. We worked individually and with partners….”Working Together”.

Fun at the snowdome
19th December 2018

Everyone in Key Stage 1 had an amazing time at the Snowdome in Tamworth. As our Exciting Ending to our topic about Antarctica, we visited the snowplay area to throw snowballs, pull sledges and zoom down the tubing slide!

Working in the civil service
19th December 2018

We welcomed Natasha Ennals into school this week to share her experiences of working in the Civil Service. As usual, the children had some great questions!

KS2 Careers
18th December 2018

We held our final KS2 Careers visitor event today. Many, many thanks to Yvonne for making it such a success again this year – it takes a lot of organisation to put together! 

This term we invited lots of volunteers into school as part of our Careers event.  They came in to talk to us about their careers – what t their job entails and how they achieved their dream! What qualifications did they need? What experiences helped them to get the job they always wanted? Did they always want to do that job or did they change their mind when they grew up? We asked lots of amazing questions to find out as much as we could….

Maths in year 2
11th December 2018

In maths this week we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. With a partner we became ‘Shape Investigators’ to find out how many vertices, edges and faces each shape has!

Big Class Challenge
11th December 2018

Councillor Martin Straker-Welds and Ceiran Chapman came into school last week to meet the children. School council members found out about the role of a council member from Martin and Ceiran shared his experiences working as a platform and software engineer.  This term it has been wonderful to have so many volunteers in school to promote different career choices for the future!

Road safety week in year 5
10th December 2018

Year 5 shared their learning from Road Safety Week with the younger children within school last week. They visited Phase Assemblies in KS2 and KS1 to show the fantastic posters and slideshows that they had made to promote ways to stay safe when crossing roads or riding bikes. They gave really clear and informative explanations!

A visit to Christchurch
7th December 2018

A group of Year 3 children visited the Lunch Club at Christ Church to volunteer. They played games and joined in with creative festive activities!

A career in medicine
4th December 2018

We welcomed Jackie Logan in this week to answer children’s questions about a career in medicine. 31 children from across Key Stage 2 went to meet her and she commented: “It was a real pleasure to share my role with the lovely children at Moor Green Primary School. Their behaviour was amazing and their knowledge fantastic. Thank you to Miss Hunt for allowing me to share my experience with the children. I hope I see some nurses of the future.”

Fortnite: Advice from School Nursing Team
3rd December 2018

Fortnite: Advice from School Nursing Team

Many of you may be aware of the risks and concerns around children playing the online game Fortnite, which has a 12 rating but is played by much younger children. We have been made aware of an emerging trend, where people are playing strip Fortnite using webcams. The rule is that when you achieve a “kill” you have to strip off, potentially adding an additional risk from children being exposed to and/or sharing indecent images whilst playing the game.

Antarctica talk
22nd November 2018

John Loines visited the children in Oak, Elder and Willow Classes to share his experiences of working in Antarctica! We loved finding out about the lone Emperor penguin who visited every year, the flag that got torn by the winds and had to be changed every year, the igloo built for use as a toilet and the purple winter skies!

Our visit from 97 year old Betty
21st November 2018

It was a pleasure to meet Betty today in our ‘knit and natter’ corner. The children were amazed to hear she is 97. She helped them work out that she will be 100 in 3 years time and they talked about how long it will be until they will be 100. We were all amazed when she told us her kindergarten had an open fire to keep the children warm. She showed us the ‘fiddlers’ she was knitting for people with dementia. The children wrote their questions down before she arrived and she left with a bag full of thank you cards. Betty said it was a wonderful day and she would be talking about it for weeks!

Big Class Challenge
21st November 2018

Many thanks to Douglas McCarrick who came into school and shared his experiences as a magistrate and university academic with the children as part of our BCC Careers event. We are looking forward to welcoming many more visitors from the school and local community who have volunteered to share their career paths with the children in Key Stage 2.

Travel Tracker Project
19th November 2018

Raji Takhar from Living Streets came to our assemblies this week to introduce our new Travel Tracker Project. We want everyone to find an active way to come to school at least once every week to raise awareness of pollution, congestion, healthy lifestyles and safety. There will be badges for all those children who reach the goal! 

The Big Class Challenge gets underway!!
19th November 2018


Lisa Mart, Theatre Director of the Alexandra Theatre, got our BCC Careers event 2018-19 off to a great start today! She came in to speak to the children about how she achieved her dream career and to answer any questions from children keen to pursue a similar career in the future.

KS1 visit the chickens
19th November 2018

The children in Key Stage 1 have been visiting the school’s chickens, doves and peacocks to help them learn about what animals need to survive. We were lucky enough to see some eggs that had been laid by the hens and collected that morning!

The Great British Sewing Bee
14th November 2018

Former teacher and winner of the first series of ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’, Anne Rowley (87) was our first volunteer to ‘Knit and Natter’ in reception. The children were shocked and amazed to learn that she had made the jumper that she was wearing that day. The children talked to her about what she was doing and who knits in their families. They made her cards and pictures to take away with her. It was a fantastic morning! Every week we will have another visitor in our comfy chair. Next week we will meet Betty who is 97.

The big class challenge
14th November 2018

The big class challenge has now started, please help us to to promote the children’s understanding of different careers and educational pathways available to them in the future.

Year 2 getting creative with the school netbooks
9th November 2018

In Year 2 this week we have been using the school netbooks for different purposes. We used Paint to create Antarctica landscapes and we used j2e to learn about coding and algorithms. Look out for your child coming home with information on how to log on and use j2e at home!

Anti-bullying week
7th November 2018

We had a special assembly on Tuesday to introduce Anti-Bullying Week (12th-16th November). Through action, roleplay and discussion we learnt about the different kinds of bullying and how we can use ‘The Power of One’ to put a stop to bullying! Everyone in school has made a pledge to respect everybody and to step up and do the right thing so that bullying doesn’t happen in our school.

School Council Votes
25th October 2018

Amazing election posters have been appearing around school. Remember to vote for your class candidate on Friday 26th October!

Food Bank
25th October 2018

Remember to send in any donations for our charity Food Bank Parcel by Friday 16th November.

Christian festival of harvest
16th October 2018

We welcomed Rachel Fasham from Christ Church and Catherine Grylls from Church of the Ascension into school this week. They explained to the children about the Christian festival of Harvest and how we can help people less fortunate than ourselves by donating to the local food bank charity.

KS1 getting ready for their DT Workshop
12th October 2018

Key Stage 1 have been preparing for their DT parent workshop by testing different materials and finding out which would be the best one for making mittens. We investigated the properties of plastic, paper, card, felt, wood and cotton  to determine which was the softest, strongest and most able to keep us warm! We decided that felt would be the best.

KS1 DT Workshop
12th October 2018

 Many thanks to all of the parents who came to our DT workshop in Key Stage 1. The imagination, support and perseverance was amazing and the mittens created look fantastic!

School Council Elections
12th October 2018

School council elections

Friday 26th October 2018

Thanks from Miss Hunt
21st July 2018

A massive thank you to all the children who have volunteered in the library this term.  We have re-organised the non-fiction system and audited the books.  Don’t forget the Summer Reading Challenge taking place in your local library throughout the summer holiday.

Year’s 1 & 2 Transition assembly
Year’s 1 & 2 Transition assembly
21st July 2018

Year 2 made posters about their year and shared them with Year 1 during our Key Stage 1 Transition assembly today. The older children told the younger children about all the special events they have enjoyed throughout the year, such as visits, swimming and Forest School. The Year 1 children also asked some fantastic questions to find out more.

Thanks from the PTA
21st July 2018
The PTA would like to thank all parents, pupils, staff & volunteers for their support this year!  
Through our regular fundraising activities, including cake sales, non-uniform days and the Autumn & Summer Fairs, we have raised a lots of money, all of which has been spent on the children at our school.
Here are some of the ways we have spent that money:
– We sponsored the Y2 Herb Project
– We paid for the Y6 Leavers Party
– We bought all the costumes for the Y6 production of Snow White
– 5 new picnic benches have been purchased for the playgrounds (KS1 & 2)
– We paid for various new pieces of equipment, games & materials for all classrooms
– We treated the Student Council to a meal at Pizza Hut to reward them for all their hard work & fundraising throughout the year
– £500 has been donated to the new Nursery to help complete the sensory garden
– We organised a surprise visit from the Ice Cream Man during this last week of term, and all children & teachers got to visit and choose a free ice cream!
We couldn’t have done any of this without your support & generosity – so thank you
Year 2 Computing skills
21st July 2018

Year 2 have been wowing their teachers with their computing skills this week! Following on from their online research about animals and their habitats, they have created detailed images of what they found out. They have also learnt how to use j2e to input and organise information, such as in graphs and charts.

Forest school fun
Forest school fun
21st July 2018
Year 1 Geography
Year 1 Geography
21st July 2018

Year 1 enjoyed their local walk this afternoon as part of their Geography topic. The children around the local area to explore physical and human features. #alwayslearning #workingtogether

Reception Bakery Trip
Reception Bakery Trip
18th July 2018

Reception had a lovely time on their bakery Trip.

Year 2 Computing
Year 2 Computing
17th July 2018

Year 2 have been wowing their teachers with their computing skills this week! Following on from their online research about animals and their habitats, they have created detailed images of what they found out. They have also learnt how to use j2e to input and organise information, such as in graphs and charts.

Book Garden Library
Book Garden Library
16th July 2018

The Book Garden Library is pleased to support this years summer reading challenge being held throughout Birmingham’s local libraries. The challenge of ‘Mischief Makers’ is to read 6 books throughout the holiday. It’s fun! It’s free! It’s local!

Local Councillor
Local Councillor
16th July 2018

Local councillor Martin Straker Welds visited school and opened our new Friendship Bench in the Key Stage 2 playground.  He was impressed by all the hard work the volunteers had put into preparing and painting the bench! He is also looking forward to meeting our school councillors when they visit the Council House on Tuesday.

Forest school
Forest school
16th July 2018


Moor Green Forest School – year 5 picked courgettes from our school allotment, took them to forest school and fried them over a fire. They were DELICIOUS!

Year 2 Herb project
Year 2 Herb project
16th July 2018

Year 2 Herb Project – the final session of our fabulous Herb Project, funded by the PTA, took place this week. As well as making a sage, parsley and rosemary pesto the children learnt about the soothing properties of garlic and used it on their skin to sooth cuts and bruises.

Year 1 visit Christ Church lunch club
Year 1 visit Christ Church lunch club
9th July 2018

A small group of children from Year 1 had a lovely time volunteering at the Christ Church lunch club this afternoon! We talked to the parishioners about our trip to Kenilworth castle and had fun making our own pinwheel windmills and animal masks. #workingtogether #nurturing #alwayslearning

9th July 2018

Well done to the children in 1B who were very safe around our campfire this afternoon.

They enjoyed tasting pancakes made over the fire and all the children toasted a marshmallow.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to help!


Year 2 visit the Seaside
Year 2 visit the Seaside
9th July 2018

Year 2 had a fun day at the seaside as part of their history topic. They rode donkeys, built sandcastles and had a delicious lunch of chips and ice cream at Weston-Super-Mare! 

Year 1 visit Kenilworth Castle
Year 1 visit Kenilworth Castle
4th July 2018

Year 1 had a fantastic time on their trip Kenilworth castle and Elizabethan gardens in the glorious sunshine! The children enjoyed being History detectives; exploring the castle ruins, searching for arrow slits and battlements. We even had our own royal procession! #alwayslearning


Y4 & Y5 Drumming Performance
Y4 & Y5 Drumming Performance
3rd July 2018

Congratulations to Y4 and Y5 for your fantastic drumming performance this morning.  You were amazing!

Swing Band visit the Whole School
Swing Band visit the Whole School
3rd July 2018

KES and KEHS Junior Swing Band with their conductor Martin Monks performed a stunning array of jazz and swing pieces for us here at Moor Green Primary Academy yesterday morning. The children sat in the shade of the trees in the ‘Chicken Courtyard’ to enjoy the concert.

Year 3 surprise Year 2
3rd July 2018

The children in Year 3 surprised Year 2 children last week with some wonderful posters all about their great experiences this year in Key Stage 2! They answered lots of the younger children’s questions about what life is like in Year 3 to help them with their transition in September.

Year 3 visit the Hens
3rd July 2018

Year 3 have had a great time visiting the hens this week. We nearly had one hen follows us back to the classroom! Fina said ‘I liked how interested the hens were in us because as soon as we went outside they greeted us!’ Leila said ‘I found the open area fantastic because they hens have a huge area to play in.’ Aliyana said ‘The hens were really funny because they were trying to peck our feet.’

Forest School Fire
Forest School Fire
3rd July 2018

Years 1, 3 and 4 have been enjoying cooking over a campfire during their final sessions of Forest School for this year.

Whilst the elder flowers have been blooming we have been frying elder flower fritters and making elder flower cordial. We have been very careful to pick only a fifth of the elder flowers on any one tree in order to leave enough for the berries to form in the autumn. We also left them so that birds and other animals can feed from them.


Year 2 learn about Healthy Lifestyles
Year 2 learn about Healthy Lifestyles
29th June 2018

Year 2 learnt all about healthy lifestyles in Science this week. They discussed the importance of a healthy diet, regular exercise and hygiene. Great teamwork sharing the pen to write down all of their wonderful ideas!

Year 2 learn about Explanation Texts
Year 2 learn about Explanation Texts
27th June 2018

This week Year 2 have been preparing to write their own explanation texts about how an ice-cream maker works. ‘We used our plans from last week to construct interesting and informative sentences that could explain ideas clearly to the reader.’ By sharing their ideas with a partner, they were able to help each other to check that their sentences made sense!


Y2 and The Great Fire of London
28th February 2018

Year 2 have been learning about grid references in Geography this week. We studied a map of London as it would have been in 1666 when the Great Fire of London started and added features using a simple key. We worked with a partner to colour in all of the areas which were affected by the fire and were amazed by how much of London was burnt!

Year 2 visit to Aston Hall
Year 2 visit to Aston Hall
26th January 2018

Year 2 had a great visit to Aston Hall as part of their history topic about The Great Fire of London. They dressed up, wrote with quills, worked as a team to roleplay putting out a fire and found out lots of interesting information!

School Life


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