We Are On A Mission:

Our Mission: 

As a REAch2 Academy we are driven by a shared mission to provide the best possible education for all children in the Trust. Every REAch2 school within the Trust aspires to be truly ‘great’ - remarkable places characterised by exceptional people and transformative learning experiences.

Our Ethos and Values:

At the core of Moor Green's ethos lies a deep commitment to creating an environment that fosters growth, learning, and a sense of belonging. Our ethos is rooted in a set of core beliefs or values that guide our actions:

  • High Expectations: Giving our very best, every single day. 
  • Integrity: Upholding honesty and moral principles in everything we do.
  • Nurturing: Fostering a supportive and caring environment for the growth of our students and community.
  • Always Learning: Embracing a mindset of continuous learning and improvement.
  • Working Together: Collaborating as a community to achieve common goals.
  • Taking Responsibility - No Excuses: Holding ourselves accountable for our actions and choices.

Our shared mission, complemented by our values and core beliefs, serves as the cornerstone of our educational philosophy, influencing every facet of our approach. Aligned with our steadfast statement of intent - to enrich lives and unlock potential - we are dedicated to making Moor Green Primary Academy a beacon of excellence for the local community.