At Moor Green Primary Academy, our Maths curriculum is designed and adapted to engage, support and challenge all pupils from our diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds.

Throughout their time at school, staff nurture pupil’s motivation to become fluent in number, reason mathematically and solve problems. The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced so that each year, pupils continue to secure and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts through manageable steps. We believe that by embedding our core beliefs through our mathematics teaching, all of our children will enjoy and experience success in the subject; they will be active, resilient learners who become independent mathematicians.


Children begin their mathematical journey exploring number, shape, space and measure, with a great emphasis on exploring through direct, first-hand experiences in a language rich environment. This provides firm foundations for the maths that children will encounter as they progress through their primary school years.

 In Key Stage One, children will strengthen their understanding of number, receiving focused support using concrete and pictorial methods which will prepare them for abstract concepts. They will use this to increase their mental fluency with whole numbers and deepen their understanding of counting and place value. Contextual experiences which they encounter regularly, ensure that they become skilled in the fundamentals of maths. 

Once pupils have mastered the core skills during Key Stage One, they will develop the ability to make sense of solutions by making rich connections across mathematical ideas. As they progress through Key Stage Two, children will continue to revisit their learning through retrieval practice to ensure that long term memory is achieved, with the focus on their ability to recall and apply their knowledge quickly and rapidly. Pupils will become increasingly fluent mathematicians who can perform calculations precisely. They will develop their ability to solve a range of problems with confidence and will broaden their mathematical vocabulary which is key in presenting justifications when reasoning.

We are committed to ensuring that pupils will leave Moor Green Primary Academy as fluent mathematicians and confident problem-solvers, who recognise the importance of maths in the wider world. The rich knowledge they have gained will allow them to use their mathematical skills confidently in a range of different contexts and motivate them to live their lives to the full.