Welcome to Year One!

Welcome to our Year 1 class! We're thrilled to provide you with a glimpse into the dynamic and enriching learning experiences awaiting your child through our comprehensive Year 1 class documents. These carefully curated resources are designed to give you a deeper understanding of our approach to education as we guide your child through their first year of primary school.

Within these documents, you'll find detailed insights into our curriculum, teaching methodologies, assessment practices, and extracurricular activities tailored to support your child's academic and personal development. Whether you're a prospective parent exploring educational options or a current member of our community seeking to understand the Year 1 experience, our documents offer valuable information to support your journey.

Take the time to explore these resources and discover how we foster a nurturing and stimulating learning environment where every child is encouraged to explore, inquire, and grow. We're excited to partner with you in your child's educational journey and look forward to celebrating their achievements and milestones together in Year 1.