Forest School & Outdoor Learning

Forest School
Forest School is a type of outdoor learning which takes place in our on-site woodland and in the many woodlands which surround our school in the wider community. Sessions are run by our Forest School Leader. In a society increasingly disconnected from nature, Forest School aims to give learners much needed interaction with the natural world.

Research has shown that Forest School has a powerful effect on children’s confidence, self-esteem and independence as well as an increase in social interaction and physical skills.

Children attend the sessions in small groups and get to experience a variety of nature-based activities. They learn about nature through the seasons, identifying flora and fauna, how these interact with each other in the woodland, how they were used and interacted with in the past (myths, legends, history, medicinal purposes) and gain an awareness of their own impact on and interaction with nature.
Activities involving risk are very much a part of Forest School: tree climbing, working with tools, fire building and lighting. Children are taught to recognise and become confident in dealing with risk in a safe and managed environment.

A wide variety of creative activities using natural materials are offered at Forest School, not only teaching children new skills such as weaving and lashing but also allowing them to work with nature in a different way.

Den building is a great favourite and children are encouraged to build dens using a wide variety of stimuli from make believe fairy houses to real life uses, for example full-sized shelters to provide dry places to work during inclement weather.

Mini Farm
At Moor Green we are extremely lucky to be developing our own miniature city farm in our courtyard garden.

We currently have hens, a rooster, doves and 2 peacocks which children get to visit on a regular basis. They feed the animals and are involved in how they are looked after. They love to collect the hens eggs! The garden in which the animals are housed is also a calm oasis for children and teachers alike to visit and take some time to relax and contemplate the world.

As well as our courtyard garden, which is nestled within the school grounds, we also have our own allotment at Dad’s Lane Allotments which is adjacent to our school site. Teams of parents help to keep the site weeded and safe for the children to use and during the spring and summer we plant a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

School Life


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