At Moor Green Primary Academy, we provide a diverse range of PE opportunities to nurture the physical, social, and cognitive skills of our students.

Recognising the significance of physical education in a secure, inclusive and supportive setting, we prioritise its role in enhancing a pupil's physical development and overall well-being. 

We are dedicated to fostering inclusive and engaging environments, aiming to boost students' self-confidence as active participants in physical activities. Embracing the 'Sporting Spirit Values' of Determination, Self-Belief, Passion, Honesty, Respect, and Teamwork, we concentrate on instilling excellent sportsmanship across all our students. 

PE Lessons

In our PE lessons, students cultivate and demonstrate their skills across a diverse range of sports, including Athletics, Cricket, Dance, Gymnastics, Handball, Swimming, and Tennis. The thoughtfully designed tasks aim to ensure that every pupil, regardless of their ability, experiences success, motivating them to further develop their unique potential. 

We believe in providing students with the chance to evaluate their own performance, fostering improvement and a continued enjoyment of success. 

Inter-School Competitions

As a proud member of the Bishop Challoner School Sport Partnership, we actively engage in school games competitions. Our students with a passion for specific sports have the chance to train, enhance their skills, and proudly represent our school in inter-school tournaments. Our students who prefer a less competitive environment also get to thrive in festival-based environments where they take part more for the love of the sport, but still allows them to experience some competition. Regular participation in these events across various sports ensures a broader number of children can represent the school, fostering a sense of team membership and inclusivity. This experience not only develops personal and social skills but also nurtures positive attitudes among our students. 

We are also a member of the South Birmingham Schools Football League. We have both a boys and a girls team, these teams give our students in Upper Key Stage Two a chance to play in a local league and several competitions across the school year. This gives pupils the chance to represent Moor Green and play as part of a team. Many families support the school team, bringing a great community feel to the events.

After School Sports Clubs

Our dedicated staff at Moor Green Primary Academy bring a wealth of diverse skills and interests to our after-school clubs. Each year group enjoys access to a variety of engaging clubs, providing pupils with the opportunity to explore their interests. During these sessions, our competitive teams receive specialised training. 

To enrich the experience, we collaborate with external agencies, introducing additional opportunities for our students. These include football, gymnastics and dance, ensuring a broad spectrum of sports options. Whether a novice or seasoned athlete, there's a club for everyone, fostering a culture of inclusivity and catering to varying abilities and experiences.