At Moor Green Primary Academy, we aspire highly for all our children and are fully committed to supporting those whose dispositions may create barriers to their learning. We recognise that where all children are equally respected and valued in the school community, the gains are felt by all.

We recognise the entitlement of every child to an ambitious, broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and the opportunity to be fully involved in school life in order for all to reach their potential. We will use our best endeavours to deliver this. We will ensure equal access to the curriculum through consistently high-quality adaptive teaching, together with additional support and resources when required.

In order to achieve these aims, we promote an inclusive ethos and educational environment that has the needs and views of the child at its heart. We encourage enthusiasm for learning and independence as core dispositions in preparing children for secondary school and beyond. We nurture confidence and self-esteem as the foundations for all learning. We understand our anticipatory duties and will be pro-active in making reasonable adjustments for those with a SEN or disability thus ensuring equal access to all aspects of school life. 

We recognise that the well-being and success of all of our pupils with SEN, disability or medical needs is a whole school responsibility and we will ensure a respectful, sensitive and strategic approach to supporting all needs. We promote the active participation and co-operation of parents as an essential part of helping a child succeed. Where maturity allows, we will include children in planning and decision making. 

We are committed to ensuring that all children with SEND achieve exceptionally well.