Starting School

Children start school in the September of the academic year in which they turn 5. Our admissions procedure allocates 3 levels of priority criteria for children starting school:

  1. Looked after or previously looked after children
  2. Children with a brother or a sister already at the school
  3. Children of school staff fulfilling a skills shortage role
  4. Children who live nearest the school

Within each of these categories, priority is given to those who live nearest the school, calculated on the basis of a straight-line measurement between home and school.

In addition, if Moor Green Primary Academy is named in a child’s statement of Special Educational Needs/Education Health and Care Plan, the school is required to admit the child. This gives such children overall priority for admission to school. This is not an oversubscription criterion.

Applying for a place

We would love to welcome your family to Moor Green! To apply for a Reception place for September 2021, please apply through Birmingham City Council.

Applying for a school place online:

  • means you will receive an email confirming your child’s offer by 3.30 pm on the offer date, one day ahead of postal notification;
  • is quick, easy and secure;
  • is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the final closing date; and
  • means you will receive an immediate confirmation by email that the application has been received.

In-Year Admissions

Applications made outside the normal admissions round for Reception places in September are called in-year admissions. If you are moving to the area or are changing schools, you should apply directly to the school. Please contact us by phone or email, or call in at the school office.

Phone: 0121 464 5662
Email: enquiry@moorgreenacademy.org

For more information on Birmingham City Council’s Admissions please visit  Birmingham City Council’s Website

Please see our Policies & Agreements section of our website to view a copy of our most recent Admissions Policy. Alternatively, you can request a paper copy of this by contacting a member of our school admin team using the details noted above.

School Life


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