Attendance & Punctuality

We want every child to experience pleasure in learning and pride in success. We have a number of class-based and individual rewards to encourage and recognise high attendance.

Please make sure your child attends school regularly unless they are ill. If your child is ill, please keep them at home until they are fully recovered, particularly if symptoms include sickness and diarrhoea. Please check with the school office if you are unsure about the length of time to keep children at home in these instances.

It is very important that you let us know why your child is absent from school. Please inform the school as soon as possible on the morning of absence. We will contact you if your child is absent and we have not received any information from you.

The school keeps records of attendance and is required by law to publish figures of authorised absences. We have a responsibility to inform the school’s Educational Social Worker if your child is frequently absent.


We reward punctuality to encourage children to establish a good routine in the morning. Late arrival at school causes disruption for the child concerned and for other children in the class. We ask you to ensure that your child arrives on the school site no earlier than 8.30 as the school is unable to provide supervision prior to this time. If arrival in school is after 9.00 children must enter school through the main entrance. The adult accompanying them will be asked to make a record of this in the school’s late book

Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence form must be completed for any absence that is not due to illness. Parents do not have an automatic right to withdraw children from school and legally have to apply for permission in advance.

Please refer to the school’s Attendance Policy for further guidance.

School Life


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