Our Staff

Mr T Twort

Deputy Headteachers:

Mrs K McNulty

Mr D Bagwell

Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo:
Ms S Harries

Joint Early Years Leaders

Miss N Cliff

Mrs V Campbell

Nursery: Miss C Lilley
R1: Ms R Springer/Miss N Cliff
R2: Mrs V Campbell
Elder: Mrs S Barham
Beech: Miss V Patra
Oak: Mrs N Bird
Willow: Miss Sarah Davis
3A: Mr M Knowles
3B: Miss K Chambers
4A: Mrs M Wakelam Sloan
4B: Mrs N Lallmahamood
5A: Miss M Adil
5B: Miss Wright
6A: Miss L Prosser
6B: Miss G Mason

Teaching Assistants

Nursery: Mrs J Haddon

Reception: Mrs T Beirne, Mrs T Kelly, Mrs L Weston

Year 1: Mrs A Smith, Mrs Q Shezadi

Year 2: Mrs N Hamirani, Mrs A Begum

Year 3: Mrs S Taylor ( Additional Teacher)

Year 4: Ms J Randle

Year 5: Mrs N Javid, Mrs S David

Year 6: Mrs V Bailey


The REAch2 Education Team

Director of Education: Mr A Rigby
Deputy Director of Education (Cluster 3): Mr Y Bhoola


The Pastoral Team

​Assistant Headteacher: Ms S Harries
Pastoral Manager: Mr M Hughes

Senior Health & Learning Mentor: Miss I Smith-Boora

Office Staff
Office Co-Ordinator: Miss K Tulloch
Office Administrator: Mrs N Millward

Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss J Kelly (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)
Miss T Kelly
Mrs N Akhtar
Mrs J Haddon
Mrs A Watkins
Ms A Fox
Mrs D Eaton
Mrs J Hinken
Mrs Z Jabeen

Ms A Sinala

Site Staff

Site Manager: Mr G Tanner

Cleaning Staff:

Miss J Kelly
Ms K Childs



School Life


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